About Me

Hi, I’m Simona Frumen. I’m a lawyer (don’t judge me!) who specialises in mediation. I help business owners and families unravel their problems so that everyone gets a fair outcome. 

A typical week for me will involve helping VAs to have cool conversations with their clients. Working with my 1-2-1 clients and coaching business leaders.

I love how the right conversation can make things better not only in business but also in family life. 

The things I love

My journey to help you


Qualified as a lawyer

Worked in Real Estate law, corporate law and due diligence work. It was a great start for a young lawyer but my heart wasn’t in this type of law. 


Court Appointed Mediator

A teps in the right direction! Here I could help people get win/win outcomes and have a profound impact on their lives.. I still do this to this very day – it’s that rewarding to help people


Mediation Advisor

Advising in medical disputes for doctors, dentists and other members of the medical profession..


Trainer for better collaboration

Delivering highly sought after workshops where teams learn how to work together. I do these for organisations and they’re well received. If you’d like one for your company please click the contact me at the top of the pahe.


Mediation Expert Advisor

For the Ministry of Justice. As a member of this professional panel of ADR experts, I advise on changes of legislative and the future of ADR.


Cool Conversations – showing Virtual assistants how to take the heat out of client conversations