Get comfortable in your business conversations

and start enjoying your business!

Business conversations don’t have to be difficult, awkward and stressful.

Avoid the pain, the anger and the costs of losing clients if you don’t use the right words or the right approach. 

Learn, practice and evaluate your progress with other entrepreneurs who want to become comfortable in business conversations. 

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I don't know where to start!

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Each month learn one topic online, get your questions answered on a group coaching call, find accountability partner in a closed group,…

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I don't have the money!

Check out this great value for a low monthly fee. It’s very expensive to not have those communication skills, the strategies and the mindset we practice in the Cool Conversations Club. Losing a client or your name, because you upset the client in a conversation, will cost you much more.


I don't have the time

Preventing conflicts is not a priority. But if you don’t handle disagreements skillfuly and on time, you might witness it’s escalation into a heated conflict. Then it will take you plenty of time to put down the wild fire (with all the stress that will keep you awake at night). Invest chunks of your time today and learn at the time that suits you. All the live events will be recorded so you can learn when you want.

What if I told you that…


What are you getting?

TRAINING  with conflict management expert  so you learn what’s the best way to address disagreements, prevent conflicts and create a culture of successful collaboration.  

A PLACE TO PRACTICE those communication skills you need to improve in a supportive environment of other entrepreneurs and finding your accountability buddy to help you stay on track.

ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS so you know exactly what to say and how to say it in your specific situation. No more wasting your time and loosing your mind, walking around in circles. Here you get ready to lead your important conversation with confidence. Every single time.

Because you need tension free conversations in your business…

you have access to the

ongoing training with actionable content that will enable you to enjoy your work more

Special space where you can ask questions and gain feedback on your client relationships so you can grow.

The support of a professional mediator who will help you have the conversations that grow your business.

To know if what you’re thinking of saying would be interpreted the right way or could be interpreted in a different way and cause confusion.

To gain the clarity and confidence to have the conversation the right way.

What Others Say

I was going through quite big transformation in my life since last year and I came across addressing some difficult topics and situations also in my relationship. I knew it was very important to me and especially the best possible results, so I searched for help. I had a recommendation from my good friend to connect with Simona. And I reached out right away. Simona was willing in no time to set up safe environment for great conversations. Her heart-opened guidance, empathy and acceptance made me feel at safe place where I can open up and connect with my deep inner-self to go where I was not able to go alone. She led me to find links to my past where I am stuck and limited with my perception of the situation. She guided me to understand my emotions and how to be honest to myself and accept my past with no quilt or blame and step into the presence to choose my own future and trust myself that difficult topics will be turned to WIN-WIN solutions. I overcame the fear that was making me feel overwhelmed and with setting the intensions and simple steps, I went to action.

Nela Sullins

Working with Simona is exceptionally pleasant. She is a sunny, very positive and warm-hearted person. She knows how to ask the right question at the right time and with her questions guides you in the right direction. In a very short time with her, I realized what lies behind my excuses and my unfinished projects. Thank you, Simona

Janez Batic


Simona’s calm energy helped me get clear on both my relationship and business goals. After our session, I felt more compassionate about my situation and was more patient and understanding on how to approach my partner. I’m so grateful to have spoken with her and feel a subtle, yet strong impact after speaking with her.

Cinthia Pacheco

Ready to have cool conversations?

You’ll also get all these bonus extras!

10-Day IPA Challenge

My friends at the Business Success Dojo will give you access to their amazing IPA Challenge to help boost your revenues. If you purchased this elsewhere it would be £15, but you get this as a bonus when you join.


 Planners are literally lifesavers and an asset to any VA looking to do more with their business.

These sell for  £15 each and you get 2 plus the amazing hypnotic meditation that will help you feel calm. Bonus value £45


Basic PR Course

From Carrie Eddins, this basic PR training that sells for $99 will help you with basic PR so that you can put yourself in the spotlight

Plus regular discounts for professional training and support designed for Virtual Assistants

Don’t miss out!

Are you ready to have cool conversations?

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Cool Conversations Club Open?
Members can join whenever as it is a rolling club.  We reserve the right to change, or remove the bonuses advertised. If there are extras that you’d love, then join now as a delay will mean you miss out on the additional goodies.
What happens when I join?
After you become a new member and join the club, you watch a short introductory video to understand how to get the most out of the Cool Conversations Club. You then get access to the webinar of the month, an outline and an action plan, sometimes with a checklist. Having all this will make it easier for you to start practising and implementing new skills. You will be invited to report on your progress in the Monthly Accountability Post.
What activities take place in the Cool Conversations Club?
Each month we will have one topic delivered to the Club. Members will practice cool conversations in a special secret group, share the ideas they want to learn about and be accountable (as this makes the process fun and effective) Activities are VA-centric and will help you with your business. You can ask questions and interact with me live.
Is there a Q&A?
You can ask me questions on a live 2 hours Q&A, so you can tweak your approach or get additional guidance and encouragement.
Is the content exclusive to Club members?

Each monthly webinar, worksheet and outline will be offered to buy also as a separate product for people outside of the Club. For the same investment you get extra Live Q&A because you are our member. New members can also buy the material of previous months if they wish. Just ask me for your member’s discount code.

What do I do if I have a big situation
If you face a crisis and can’t handle it alone, reach out to my 1:1 support (at preferential rates) and then return to the Club for further practice and encouragement.

Ready to have cool conversations?